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About us

about our


“La Suiza BakeHouse”. The acceptance has been a great success. The ``Quality and Tradition`` of always now, ``We share`` with you.

familly tradition

our story

  1. early beggining

    It was in 1946, after the Second World War, when a young Austrian pastry chef named Hans Steichmayer, arrived in Venezuela. He came from Switzerland, where he took refuge due to the neutral condition of this country during the war. Once settled in the city of Maracay, he founded “Pastelería y Confitería Suiza”.

  2. 1966

    1966. - From the beginning, a resounding success was predicted by the quality and novelty of its European products. After a couple of decades, the Italian master pastry chef Luigi Ragazzoni, acquired the company and gave a new concept to its products, this time more appropriate for the growing Italian immigration in the area. The new name “Pastelería y Bombonería Suiza” took hold immediately and sales soared under the new administration.

  3. 1995

    In 1995, another Italian pastry chef, Constantino Di Venere acquired the pastry shop and shortly after.

  4. 2000 - 2009

    in 2000, the Italian and young businesswoman, Carol Cadorin, joined the company’s board of directors becoming the general manager. The push and modernization that followed gave the already famous Pastry Shop a new meaning and in 2009, after half a century of its foundation, the company opened the doors of its second headquarters in the city; a new name “Suiza Café Pastelería” came to light. The impact of the expansion was immediate and the success of the new branch was resounding.

  5. 2015

    In 2015, persuaded by the political situation in Venezuela, Carol Cadorin and her family inaugurated “Pastelería La Suiza” in Panama City, Panama, expanding the pastry’s activity beyond their place of origin. In Panama, the acceptance of this new gender of pastry in the taste of the clientele lived up to the owner’s expectations. Continuing with the slogan ``Quality and Tradition``

  6. 2020

    in December 2020, at the end of a year devastated by the pandemia, Carol’s heirs Marcello and Francesco, young connoisseurs of the pastry activity, decide to venture into the American market and open in Brickell a new headquarters and they named it “La Suiza BakeHouse”. The acceptance has been a great success. The ``Quality and Tradition`` of always now, ``We share`` with you.